Conversation I

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- Does it matter at all that you fucked him?
- Maybe: if things eventually turn out the right way, then our first date ended up being our first fuck.
- Well, when you look at it that way...
- I mean, obviously things are still running great for us. We went to the movies yesterday and we kissed afterwards, but he's still unsure of what he really wants.
- You mean he's making you the rebound?
- I'm not sure if "rebound" is the right word. "Compass" is a more suitable term.
- "Compass"?
- Yeah, he just lost his North and I'm kinda helping him finding it.
- Oh, I see, and the best way to help him finding his North is by sucking his "North Pole"?
- Oh, shut it... at least I've had some action recently. Tell me, have spiders already nested up your ass? 'Cause you know, it's been lonely there...
- Maybe I'm just waiting for the right snake to go up there and eat the whole spider family...
- Or maybe you're gonna dedicate your life to spider breeding.
- Or maybe I'm just gonna use some sort of moisture to clean up the whole nest.
- Or maybe you'll let them starve to death.
- Or maybe I'll just let YOU starve to death, 'cause now you ain't getting anything from me, hon!
- Like I needed you, I have other spiders to kill...
- Like Nate's?
- Exactly, like Nate's.
- I sure hope Nate doesn't dump you.
- Why?
- It's about time you had a decent boyfriend.
- And you?
- I dunno,... Honestly, I really don't know. I mean, my mom hasn't really been easy on me for being gay...
- We should so date each other...
- We can't, we're bros...

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